At Absolute Ceiling Cleaning our well trained experienced staff specialize in the cleaning of all types of ceilings and walls in Residential and Commercial buildings.  
Our Cleaning process will effectively remove: Our Solution & Process Will:
Cooking Grease
Smoke and soot
Eliminate Odors
Disinfect & Sanitize
Improve Appearance
Restore Acoustic Value
Restore Fire Rating
Improve Lighting by as much as 60%
Save you Time & Money

You will also benefit from our convenient 24/7 service, no mess or unpleasant odors and a brighter and healthier environment.

Our specialized environmentally friendly, non toxic solution cleans all types of ceilings and walls including acoustical tiles, vinyl tiles, textured ceilings and more.

On acoustical ceiling tiles the solution is sprayed on the dirty surface, this procedure requires no removal. The solution reaction begins immediately upon contact with the surface. The dirt, smoke, soot, cooking oils and grease are attacked by the emulsifiers in the detergent. These emulsifiers loosen and break down the films and dirt into tiny particles that are dispatched into the atmosphere. The tiny particles cannot be seen with the naked eye and leave no mess.

This solution continues to clean for many hours (depending on room conditions). As the solution cleans, the ceiling will become cleaner and brighter usually to a restoration of about 90-95% of its original color. The solution also contains a mild disinfectant, deodorizer and a rust inhibitor to protect the grid and diffusers.

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