pic 1   Our cleaning process is quite simple, all furniture is left in place and covered by our experienced and careful staff. The only things that we ask "You" as the home owner to do is to put away any priceless or breakable items from on top of coffee tables and furniture so that we reduce the risk of anything getting broken when being covered. Also if you have any items on top of your kitchen cabinets or in close proximity to the ceilings, we ask that you take those down. That's it! Our courteous and cautious crew will do the rest.
pic 2   Once all furniture is covered we will start by dusting any loose debris and cob webs from your ceilings.
pic 3   We then spray the perimeter of your room and quickly wipe the top of the walls to catch any of the overspray from dripping or running down your wall.
pic 4   We will then spray the remainder of the ceiling including any permanent ceiling fixtures.
pic 5   All fixtures and non-porous surfaces are wiped down and the the ceilings are left to dry.
  It may look patchy for several hours where the spray has been overlapped but as the solution completely dries (approx 12 - 24 hours depending on conditions) the ceilings will restore to like new.  
  That is it! The solution starts working right away but takes a full 16-24 hours to completely dry and for your results to show.  
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