Costs 60% Less Than Painting or Replacing!
And Unlike Painting…Does Not Destroy Fire Rating or Acoustical Value!

Restore Your Ceilings To Their Original Condition
Absolute Ceiling Cleaning is proud to be the world leader in the Ceiling Cleaning industry. Our Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Process Guarantees to:

Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect your ceilings
Remove lingering odors from ceilings
Improve Fire Rating and Acoustics
Work 24 / 7 around your schedule
No Mess and No Odor means…

No Business Interruption & No Costly Downtime
We have an experienced well trained staff that will clean, restore and maintain your ceilings without downtime! Our services include cleaning of all types of ceilings and walls including open ceilings and high dusting. We also repair minor damage and can match and replace broken or missing tiles...

Stop Trapping in Dirt, Grease, Odor and Mold and Get Rid of Them!
When your carpets get dirty do you cover them up or do you clean them? Then why cover your ceilings? Painting not only traps in the dirt, grease, odor, mold and other unsanitary pollutants but it damages the integrity of the ceiling. Painting a commercial grade ceiling tile will destroy its fire rating and acoustical value. Replacing ceilings tiles can be extremely costly, messy and time consuming. Cleaning is not only cost effective but it is also the “Green” choice saving our landfills from un-needed waste and saving our lungs from toxic paints.

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